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When should I have my wisdom teeth examined or removed?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 08/22/2021

There are many factors that determine if and when wisdom teeth are removed


Why do I need a root canal?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 08/03/2021

A discussion of root canal diagnosis and treatment


How long do dental crowns or porcelain crowns and veneers last?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 07/09/2021

A discussion of the reasons that crowns may need to be replaced


Gum Recession, Periodontal Disease and Abfraction

Dr. Lynn Marshall | 11/22/2020

Information on gum and tooth loss


What is a Dental Implant and why do I need one?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 07/14/2020

What is a Dental Implant, why do I need one one, and where can I get one?


What is a crown?

Dr. Lynn Marshall | 06/08/2020

What are crowns, why do you need one and where can you get one?


Martin Dentistry’s Covid-19 Preparations

Dr. Matthew Martin | 04/30/2020

Take a moment to learn about the changes and preparations we have undertaken in order to create an even safer environment.


Vaping and Oral Health

Dr. Lynn Marshall | 01/22/2020

The dangers of vaping have come to the forefront of news media due to serious lung illnesses.


The Psychology of Dentistry

Dr. Matthew Martin | 12/04/2019

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Dental phobia or anxiety is real, and it can cause debilitating fear.


Why do I need to have a crown?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 11/03/2019

When a tooth has too much damage a crown is used to restore function and to replace missing tooth structure.


Spit, slobber, spittle, drool!

Dr. Lynn Marshall | 09/19/2019

Saliva is a thing that everyone takes for granted….until it’s gone!


Botox Cosmetic at the dentist?

Dr. Lynn Marshall | 07/01/2019

We offer Botox at Martin Dentistry.


What is an Explanation of Benefits?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 06/11/2019

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a document you will receive from your insurance explaining your recent dental visit and how the claim was processed.


Concerns with radiation and exposure:

Dr. Matthew Martin | 05/22/2019

When it comes to taking dental images, commonly called xrays or radiographs, there can be concerns and misconceptions.


Maximums and Dental Insurance Plans

Dr. Matthew Martin | 05/02/2019

Dr. Martin discusses Maximums and Dental Insurance Plans



Dr. Matthew Martin | 02/15/2019

At Martin Dentistry we seek to provide several options for your treatment and care.


Are we consuming too much sugar?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 01/10/2019

Dr. Matthew Martin discusses how your teeth are affected by the amount of sugar you intake.


But it Doesn't Hurt

Dr. Matthew Martin | 09/10/2018

Dental disease and trauma can begin and quickly progress without symptoms.


Why doesn't my insurance cover this?

Dr. Matthew Martin | 09/07/2018

A partial description of dental insurance


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