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Porcelain veneers are thin covers that are attached to the front surface of the teeth to mask cosmetic imperfections and create a beautiful smile.

Modern teeth straightening systems, including Six Month Smiles®, replace traditional metal braces in order to offer patients a straighter smile.

For minor cosmetic flaws in the smile, dental bonding and contouring can make subtle fixes for tooth chips, ragged teeth edges, gaps, and more.

For a more effective whitening than over-the-counter systems, a dentist can make a professional home tooth whitening kit with custom bleach trays.

Teeth whitening treatment at the dentist's office can remove years of stains and make the smile brighter and whiter.

Invisalign treatment can be an incredible way for patients to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile without the need for traditional braces.

A professional dental cleaning should be performed at least twice a year to remove plaque and tartar, then polish the teeth for optimal oral health.

To help the dentist identify developing dental problems that are not visible during a physical exam, digital X-rays are taken during annual exams.

For stronger enamel that resists tooth decay, professional fluoride treatments can be given at the dentist's office as a preventative service.

A custom-made mouth guard by a dentist can be used to protect the mouth during sports and treat certain conditions, including grinding and TMJ.

Sealants are a preventative dental service that helps to prevent cavities in premolars and molars by blocking plaque, tarter, and bacteria.

A dental crown, or cap, covers the visible portion of the tooth to hold together a broken, cracked, or decayed tooth and improve the appearance.

Dental implants place a post to replace the root of the tooth in the jawbone and this creates a stable foundation for one or more replacement teeth.

Composite fillings, which are made of resin or porcelain to match the color of the patient's teeth, treat and seal dental cavities to stop decay.

Dentures are removable replacements for all of the teeth (complete dentures) or some of the teeth (partials) to restore the mouth's form and function.

When the pulp of a tooth is dead or damaged beyond repair, a root canal is performed to remove the pulp and prevent the damage from spreading.

A tooth that is too damaged to fix, causes pain, or is infected may need to ffbe removed with a tooth extraction to avoid further health problems.

Gum disease treatments range from simple scaling and root planning to more complicated treatments like laser treatment and periodontal surgery.

Periodontal plastic surgery fixes concerns with uneven gums, low gum lines, high gum lines, and gaps in the gums for a more attractive, healthy smile.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a minimal sedation technique that can be used during dental procedures to help reduce the patient's anxiety.

Oral-conscious sedation can be used during routine and more complex dental procedures as a moderate sedation technique to relax and calm the patient.

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