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What is Recurrent Decay around my Silver Filling?

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Silver fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, have been a common dental restoration material for over a century. While they are relatively inexpensive and durable, there is a concern with recurrent decay in silver fillings. Dr. Stephanie Martin, Dr. Matt Martin, Dr. Lynn Marshall, and Dr. Lindsey Garrison will evaluate your existing fillings and determine 

whether or not they are leaking active decay. 

Recurrent decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth start to break down the tooth structure around the filling, causing a new cavity to form. This can happen for a few reasons, but one of the primary factors is that silver fillings do not bond to the tooth structure like other materials, such as composite resin.

Instead, silver fillings rely on mechanical retention to stay in place. This means that the dentist has to create a shape in the tooth that will hold the filling securely. However, over time, the tooth can shift or the filling can become loose, creating small gaps or spaces where bacteria can accumulate and cause decay.

Furthermore, silver fillings can also expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth. This constant movement can weaken the tooth structure around the filling, making it more susceptible to decay.

It is important to note that not all silver fillings will develop recurrent decay. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, many people can keep their silver fillings in good condition for decades. However, if a filling does start to deteriorate, it may need to be replaced with a new restoration material, such as composite resin.

If you have concerns about recurrent decay in your silver fillings, talk to our dentists at Martin Dentistry. They can evaluate the condition of your fillings and recommend the best course of action to maintain your oral health. Schedule your dental check up and dental cleaning today to stay ahead of recurrent decay to protect your teeth. Call us at our two convenient locations. Fishers, IN (317) 676-9588 & Broad Ripple (317) 576-3600.

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