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Things you maybe didn't know about your dental hygienists

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1. They are highly educated. Dental hygienists have varying degrees of higher education, ranging from an associates degree to a masters degree. Dental hygiene degrees often take 4+ years full time  to complete. All Hygienists in the state of Indiana pass the same board exams to prove their competency level and obtain their license. To maintain that license they are required to undergo yearly continuing education as well as staying on top of the latest technological advancements. 

2. Their career is very demanding on their bodies and requires strenuous use of the the hands, neck and shoulders.

While they strive to achieve proper ergonomics and equipment meant to reduce fatigue, the stress on their bodies still occurs over time. You can help them by allowing them to lay you all the way back in the dental chair, and move your head to the positions that they ask of you unless you have a medical reason preventing you from doing so.

3. They do more than just clean teeth.  At every visit the initiate a review of all medical concerns and record observations including oral cancer screening to discuss with the doctor.  They can notice symptoms and conditions that require the dentist or other medical doctor to diagnose and treat.  Out hygienists at Martin Dentistry provide cleanings and periodontal disease treatment, but they do so much more.

4. They are part of the healthcare team. Dental hygienists are required to know the same science of other medical professionals so that they can properly help manage all health needs, not just oral health needs, as the mouth is connected to the body as a whole. They don’t JUST put a shine in your smile; they treat, prevent AND screen for disease whether it is systemic or oral health related. This includes blood pressure check, cancer screenings, medication reviews, and much more.

5. They are not immune from dental complications. They still need regular dental cleanings and sometimes they get cavities, too! While they are highly educated in prevention and maintenance of our oral health, sometimes they experience dental needs also. So when they recommend treatment a lot of times they have had the same treatment for the same needs..

6. They are constantly in a battle with the clock. Their schedules are very tight and they have A LOT to do in the time they are given. Sometimes they may run behind due to factors beyond their control such as a late patient, a patient with many questions, or a patient who needed some very complex care. They try as hard as they can to stay on schedule.  They are masters of the details and organization.

7. They make recommendations based on YOUR needs. They want what is best for you, and dentistry is NOT one size fits all. If they are recommending it during your appointment, it truly means that they feel it is in your best interest, based upon their in-depth knowledge, to utilize to achieve optimal health results. This includes x-rays, fluoride treatments, toothbrush recommendations and much more.  They will help the dentists at Martin Dentistry in formulating your treatment plans including crowns, fillings, implants, etc.

8. They do it to make a difference. No one would sign up for this career, go through the rigorous curriculum or many expensive board exams and tolerate the daily wear and tear on their bodies if they truly did not love this field. They are real people with strong emotions who often think about the well-being of their patients long after they've left the office for the day.

9. They WANT your experience to be comfortable and stress free. They will do everything they can to achieve this. If there is something that you know will make you more comfortable, just ask. They can provide numbing relief, pillows, and other comfort commodities to help you through your visit. If you’re comfortable, they're comfortable.

10. You are MORE than just their patient! Over the years they become familiar with your family, job, pets and interests.  Knowing the personal details of your health history is only the beginning of what they care about.

At Martin Dentistry in Fishers and Indianapolis you can make an appointment for a cleaning and exam and get to know a valuable member of your healthcare team.  You will end up spending more time with your hygienist than you will any other healthcare provider including the dentist and you medical doctor.


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