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Implant Dentures

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What is the difference between traditional dentures vs implant supported dentures?

Traditional dentures have been the treatment of choice for missing teeth for many years. In addition, patients that are  denture wearers are at a higher risk for jawbone loss. This is due to a bodily process known as resorption meaning that dentures must be frequently adjusted or denture glue is usually the go to for patients. Traditional dentures can promote wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. Traditional dentures can cause a feeling of bulkiness  making it harder to chew food and causing  a loss taste for food. 

Implant supported dentures. 

Implant supported dentures are a permanent tooth replacement solution for patients who have lost either upper complete,  lower complete teeth or both.  Implant supported dentures are also known as fixed or permanent dentures. Implant dentures provide the most natural and effective bite. Allowing you to chew food  and speak normally. Implant Supported dentures reduce pressure on the gum tissue and bone. This denture is removable, making it easy to clean. Implant-supported dentures are sturdy and don’t need adhesive at all. Making it the best option for denture. Implant Supported dentures are long lasting and function more like natural teeth. Martin Dentistry in Indianapolis and Fishers can restore your smile and chewing while creating a natural appearance. If you have questions about implant supported dentures or you would like to know more about implant dentures,  please call Martin Dentistry for a consultation.

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