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At Martin Dentistry we seek to provide several options for your treatment and care. We want to tailor your needs specifically to your treatment. Timing, procedures, costs and personal needs are all considered in your treatment plan. We avoid the cookie-cutter approach to your care.

Timing: Some dental treatments can take longer to complete than others. We are fortunate that we can offer several solutions and options that can be completed in a matter of days. At Martin Dentistry we can offer a variety of appointment times to meet your schedule. There are early evening and early morning appointments available. Many of the procedures we offer can accomplish the same goal, but have differing time frames. We offer one hour in-office whitening as well as take home whitening systems. The take home trays will whiten your smile in 3-6 applications normally. A bridge can be prepared and completed in about 9-12 days, where an implant can take about 3-4 months to complete with healing time.

Procedures: Different procedures can be used to accomplish the same goal. If you would like to have your smile restored, resin bonding, veneers and crowns can be used to create a beautiful and natural smile. If there is a good amount of healthy tooth structure, bonding may be used to add resin to the teeth. If there are old restorations and a loss of tooth structure a combination of veneers or crowns may be used. Normally bonding does not require removing tooth structure and veneers and crowns do.

When teeth are missing, partials, implants and bridges can be used to replace them. Partials attach around the existing teeth and are removable. They can have metal bases or be made entirely of resin. Bridges are two or more crowns with a false tooth fused in between them. They are cemented and not removable. Implants are artificial roots with a crown placed over them. They do not come in and out and they do not connect to the surrounding teeth. Please see our galleries for a variety of procedures with before and after photos.

Costs: When considering treatment options we are sure to consider costs and to give you a treatment plan detailing payment options. The benefits of one treatment versus another are also weighed with costs of one versus another. For example: A partial may be cheaper than an implant(s), but if the desire is to not have something removable, the implant is chosen. Bonding, which cost less than crowns and veneers, can be considered, but they can be more limited in what they can accomplish. Treatment can also be staggered to accommodate financial concerns. Your treatment plan will normally be sequenced from higher to lower priority. We strive for conservative treatment and if we can get to a problem before it worsens, costs can be saved. We also have a variety of payment options available.

Personal Needs: No two people are alike and no two approaches to your dental care should be either. Some people may want to consider staggering treatment, while others may adopt to have treatment completed in as few appointments as possible. No one should feel embarrassed or bad that they need some TLC while at the dentist. At Martin Dentistry we offer several levels of sedation for comfort. Some people want as much detail as possible and others would like to not know what is going on. We will take the time to get a feel for what makes you comfortable.

* All information subject to change. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.