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Botox Cosmetic at the dentist?

I need another shot? No one is ever happy about getting a “shot”! However, going under the needle to enhance facial esthetics using Botox may be the one exception. We offer Botox at Martin Dentistry. Dr. Stephanie Martin and Dr. Lynn Marshall have undergone additional training and have extensive experience in the use of Botox cosmetic injections.

Lines and wrinkles are the inevitable part of aging skin. Expression muscles are attached to the underside of the skin. When the muscle contracts, it pulls on the skin and a crease is formed. As these contractions occur consistently a permanent wrinkle forms at the point of least resistance. These wrinkles formed from active movement can be eliminated by the temporary interruption of the muscle activity by Botox cosmetic.

Botox moves through the dermis into the desired muscle and blocks the synapse where the firing of the nerve for movement is stopped. The muscle does not contract which causes the relaxation and softening of the skin usually on the forehead and around the eyes. It can also be used prophylactically to prevent new wrinkles from forming. The chemical does not go throughout the body and does not make the skin feel numb. Botox has been widely tested and used for over three decades.

These effects will take about four to seven days to soak in fully. For most people, the effects last about 4 to 5 months depending on the dosage administered. Normal daily activities can be resumed on the day of the procedure. Some bruising can occur, but this is a rare occurrence.

It might seem surprising that dentists are licensed to offer Botox, but it actually makes great sense. Dentists are considered the most proficient at delivering medicines via injections; they administer more shots than any other healthcare practitioners. Dental providers administer literally hundreds of injections per month. Dentists are also trained in facial anatomy and physiology, so they are very familiar with the muscles and nerves in the face. Dental training has a heavy focus on esthetics and symmetry as well. Our doctors continue to stay abreast of the latest techniques and education.

Botox can be administered as part of the regular hygiene recall schedule. So show off that beautiful smile over and over! Martin Dentistry can take care of those expression lines that will form from smiling wide and often:)

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